all the cool kids are doing it

…so let me put an end to that shit and jump on the bandwagon.

i keep my wise ass to myself over on deadspin, because, well, unlike the rest of you desk jockeys, i do shit during the day. so pardon me if i ain’t too familiar, but i’m sure i’ll be annoying soon enough. i don’t use capital letters and i refuse to make references to your american comedy films, mwah hah ha!

and what could possibly add to that annoyance value? i’m a wings fan. i hear people hate us. what gives? we have a salary cap now, we can’t buy your players anymore. chill out. besides, people may hate us and the wings, but you know, i guarantee you everybody hates claude lemieux even more.

the greatest rivalry in hockey history and its greatest fight.

pants party on ice, anyone?



  1. Patrick Roy: Neutral Zone Linebacker

  2. aye, he could’ve been a star with the alouettes. ah, dommage.

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