I’m Sensing a Theme…

MYFO Roll call! Sir H of H here. Mild-mannered attorney by day; angry, somewhat-overworked attorney by night. Like Happy Gilmore, I was put on this earth for one reason – to play hockey. Thing is, I think I missed my calling somewhere along the line. I do still hold onto the dream, though, playing on one beer-league team (of which I’m sure you’ll all hear more than enough about in the not-so-distant future). Also of note, I’ve been called Superfan Number 99 by a roommate in college due to my idolization/borderline man-crush on the Great One.

Aside from an allegiance to the Kings of the Late 80s/Early 90s for obvious reasons, my team of choice is none other than everyone’s favorite NHL punchline, the New York Islanders. Unfortunately for me, I was too young to remember the cup years, but I have full recollection of such other highpoints in franchise history as the Gorton’s Fisherman logo, the reign of Mad Mike, John Spano’s ownership, crazy Charlie Wang and his contractual experimentation, and Dale effin’ Hunter’s cheapshot (among many, many others). Despite the wealth of embarassment that the Isles provide fans such as myself, I remain loyal and optimistic…

So, as this site grows from newborn fetus to young, annoying toddler and beyond, you can look to me for all things Blue and Orange (as well as some South Park, UFC and other things that I may decide to chime in about). And don’t worry, I won’t take less money and head to Colorado…

Since all the cool kids are doing it, here’s an islanders video…



  1. best to use the little link icon and box instead of trying to do html whe you are writing

  2. Thanks. Saw that and fixed it. I’m such a n00b.

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