Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me???

Alex Will Do Anything For Money

TSN.ca has reported that Alexei Yashin ain’t gettin’ no love from NHL GMs and may take his unimpressive game to Russia if they don’t pony up some more cash.

You see Alex, just because no one was actually in attendance at your games this year (you know, the ones you actually played in), that does not mean that no one was watching, especially during the playoffs. I’m no expert here, but I’m pretty sure that GMs will only give you a multimillion dollar contract if you can earn a regular shift in the playoffs.

In other news:
-The ex-homecoming queen from my high school who gained 50 pounds in college is complaining that she can’t get any dates
-Some dude I work with who orders diet cokes with his big mac for lunch everyday wants to know why he can’t lose weight



  1. Whatever. He gets plenty o’lovin from Carol Alt. Another reason why he’s higher on my #1 bust list than Patrick Stefan and Alexander Daigle.

  2. should I have gone with the royal we? or is that trademarked or something?

  3. I like you, Alex.


  4. I once rode in an elevator with Alexei Yashin, back in 2000 when he had some kind of dispute with the NHL and he had to give a deposition at the law firm where I worked. He is a large Russian man.

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