This is the thanks we get?

Fuck you, Gary BettmanThe Anaheim (No Longer Mighty) Ducks pulled off the previously unthinkable and were the first Pacific Coast team in history to win the Stanley Cup. So what does NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman do to reward the team that is the champion of his league? He kicks them in the collective balls. Read how Anaheim and their fans would be rioting in the streets if anyone in California gave a damn about hockey in the summer (Outside of you, TSW) after the jump.

So Anaheim just won the Stanley Cup, they’re settling into the off-season, prepping to re-sign their players, selling season tickets, and the schedule comes out. Wait, they’re playing where? Against who? When?

The Anaheim Ducks will take the Stanley Cup back to its birthplace when they open the NHL’s 90th season and begin defense of their first championship in London against the rival Los Angeles Kings.

So, wait, they’ve got to fly from ANAHEIM to LONDON to play a two game set with a team that is in the same TV Market as them? And they have to do it twice? What’s next? You anally rape their mothers while pouring sugar in their gas tank?

Anaheim will then be part of traditional opening night when the Ducks visit fellow Western Conference finalist Detroit on Oct. 3 as part of a four-game slate. The Ducks will also serve as the home-opening opponent for Columbus on Oct. 5 and Pittsburgh the following night. They will play their first game as champions at the former Pond on Oct. 10 against Boston.

Oh, fuck this. Not only do they get to fly on two trans-continental flights, losing a home game in the process, but then they start their “real” season on a four-game road trip through the Midwest. Then they finally get to open their home schedule a week after everyone else. Did the owners kill Bettman’s Great Aunt Susie back in the 1920s or something?

When they still played it, it was a general rule in the NFL that the two teams that got shipped off to Tokyo in the pre-season were screwed for the season. It’s also why the Dolphins and Giants are pissed that they’re getting shipped off to London mid-season this year. Anaheim, and for that matter, Los Angeles too, are getting royally screwed here. If the Indianapolis Colts were sent off to London, then had to make a three game away trip, and didn’t have their first home game until October, the media would go apeshit. Is it the simple fact that these two teams aren’t in a hockey hotbed why no one seems to care?

Ducks, Kings to open regular season in London [ESPN]



  1. the Gary Bettman Sucks tag should get a lot of work

  2. Gary Bettman will have the Anaheim Duck with the Mango Salsa.

    Oh yeah, and the guy is a total douchebag.

  3. SHH: It WILL be on every single story from now on, right?

  4. In answer to your last question, um….yes. Yes it is.

    But you’d be gaining mucho brownie points with we hotbed dwelling fans if you took the Leafs with you. And just left them there. Maybe a nice kennel in Kent.

  5. JP – ask and ye shall receive (for as long as I remember, anyway)

  6. So this is what I don’t quite get –

    Since when is London a fucking hotbed of hockey? I’d understand anywhere else in Europe, (ok – maybe not Greece,Spain, Vatican City, and Monaco), but England? Really?

    Flying from LA to London is one of the worst trips, even on a nice plane. So have fun walking around the cabin for hours on end guys…

    (Thanks for the shoutout. BTW.)

  7. The Ducks may have gotten screwed, but not the Kings – they asked for it. Kings ownership set the entire thing up to promote the Arena they own and operate in London, the o2 Dome. Why else would they use two West Coast teams? Nobody else would do it, and AEG (Kings ownership) is much less interested in a winning hockey team than their various other business enterprises. Look for the Kings to be playing some exhibition mathes in Kansas City next.

  8. It shouldn’t be too bad because they are playing the games at 9am California time. But if you figure they are there for a week, they will get a little bit closer to the time change to get them sufficiently jet lagged back in the states. As for the Giants and Dolphins, they might be ok because East Time zone to London is only five hours.

    On another note, how do you feel about the rumored new Lightning logos?

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