Why My Team Is Better Than Your Team: Colorado Avalanche

Colorado AvsWhy are the Avalanche better than any other pussy ass teams you may support? Two words: Joe Fucking Sakic. Super Joe returns for his 19th NHL season in 07-08 to kick some additional ass. Coming off a 100 point season, The Captain is ready to lead his collection of wily vets – Brunnette, Smyth, Lappy – and young stars – Stastny, Arnason, Budaj, Svatos – back to the playoffs where Burnaby Joe is ready to build on his already record 7 OT playoffs goals. Seven! Just think about. They don’t call him Captain Clutch for nothing. Fair warning to the Western Conference: Joe Sakic is still here in the thin air of Colorado and is pissed off about not making the playoffs, so look out for precisely placed pucks to the head of any players being bitches delivered from the stick of the man with the greatest wrist shot in NHL history. Enjoy.



  1. So true, the preseason preview edition of The Hockey News should just have this on the front cover. Two words: It’s that good.

  2. Nice. I’m looking forward to watching Super Joe pwn some western conference goalies this season..

    I agree with Dario.

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