Scott Niedermayer Channels Brett Favre

The Ducks’ Scott Niedermayer, still hung over/basking in the afterglow of winning the Stanley Cup, still hasn’t decided if he will return to the Ducks for the 2007-08 season.

His agent, Kevin Epp, told a Vancouver radio station:

“I think he still has a lot of things to do here and a lot of things to think about. I think he’s going to wait until [September], and he’ll make a decision before the NHL season begins.”

Well, nice to see that he’s not going to wait until after the season begins.

I am a long way from retirement, but I hope that as the time approaches, I won’t dither over it endlessly, tormenting my employer and my family with my inability to shit or get off the pot.

Of course, I also hope that my decision boils down to “live off the millions I’ve already earned” versus “make more millions.” That would be sweet.




  1. Niedermayer’s still the best in the game. That being said, just retire already!

  2. Hey, can we get bigger font on the comments? It’s a little too small for me, and I don’t want to put on my glasses!

  3. Well if I ever decide to retire, the decision will become, do I want to continue to live in my apartment or a cardboard box? Glad to see those fat cat NHL players have the same problems as us!

  4. I think we may have to start a no Brett Favre bashing rule.


    Just letting you know you guys were ripped off.

  6. Thanks Afino. We appreciate our readers letting us know when someone publishes an article with similar ideas to ours. I don’t believe Mr. Wyshynski deliberately stole LeNoc’s idea, but I went ahead and made him aware of the noticeable similarities.

    If you check his response, he seems to have the same prediliction to dick jokes that we do. We here at MYFO sympathize with his plight.

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