This Person Is Undoubtedly a Penguins Fan

I just happened across this tiny little tidbit, which took place during an online discussion with The Washington Post’s television critic, Lisa DeMoraes:

Pittsburgh: What do you know about the new Kelsey Grammer show on Fox? It’s set in Pittsburgh, so obviously there is an attraction here, but if they make us out to be a bunch of fools for the sake of comedy I will not be watching! After all isn’t the premise of the show that a big-time reporter (Grammer) goes from big-market L.A. to (gasp!) Pittsburgh (darnit) where life must be awful because it isn’t filled with greedy, materialistic people?

Lisa de Moraes: Not fools — just a much smaller market. Sorry for you but in the world of local TV, Los Angeles is the country’s second biggest market and Pittsburgh, um, is not. Local TV anchors in smaller markets frequently — though not always — of moving to larger markets because there is more money and better chance of moving from bigger market to a network news gig, etc. So the sest-up of the show is that his character crashes and burns in LA and has go to back to the smaller market, where he will make less money, etc…And I had no idea Pittsburgh was so sensitive..

We can sympathize, Lisa, we can sympathize. We here at MYFO would never make Pittsburghers out to be a bunch of fools for the sake of comedy, though. Shame on you, Kelsey Grammar!




  2. I believe that will be a +1 in your column, LeNoc.

  3. doobie doobie dooooo

  4. Why, I oughta…

  5. Doobie doobie doooo…

  6. And now we play the waiting game…

  7. “Shame on you, Kelsey Grammar!”

    And on Kelsey Spelling as well, it would seem…

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