Blues Avoid Arbitration with Stempniak


The St. Louis Blues have signed winger Lee Stempniak to a 3-year, $7.5 million deal that will head off arbitration with last season’s leading scorer. The deal reportedly calls for raises each season ($1.5M-$2.5M-$3.5M). It’s a smart business decision for the team, locking up one of its young stars through 2010, by which time the Blues hope to be truly competitive. Better yet, they lock up a guy named Lee. That’s a name you can’t go wrong with.

Lee Marvin–badass
Lee Majors–Bionic
Bruce Lee–Dragon
Stan Lee–spideriffic
Spike Lee–does the right thing
McKenzie Lee–incomparable



  1. Jason Lee – Supports the Hartford Whalers

  2. Jet Li – Will kick your ass

    (a stretch, I know)

    I went to high school with Lee.

    He’s all those things, and more.

  3. Lee Jeans – totally stylin’.

  4. McKenzie Lee has a totally incomparable jacked grill.

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