Gary Bettman Doesn’t Care About People from Canuckistan.

Conspiracy Theories~!!~!~!ONEONETILDAAs has been well-documented here at MYFO, the Nashville Predators are in a bit of trouble. There’s a clause in their lease that says if attendance drops below 14,000 for two consecutive years, they can bolt the town. With about 9,000 season tickets sold, this is a very real possibility. There are two potential ownership groups that want the fledgling franchise. One company, headed up by Williams “Boots” del Biaggio, no relation to Boots Randolph, wants to pack the team up and take it to Kansas City. The other, headed up by Billionaire Blackberry Builder Jim Balsillie. He wants to take the team to Hamilton, Ontario.

After the jump, I’ll tell you why Gary Bettman, MYFO’s favorite couch hockey player, and frequent commenter to the site, has enacted a plan to screw Ontario out of their third team.

The Four Letter’s Scott Burnside went off earlier this week and reported that his station had received e-mails between Balsillie’s representative and current Predators owner Craig Leipold that discussed Bettman’s orders that Leipold stop negotiating with Balsillie and focus on cutting a deal with del Biaggio. But why would Bettman favor one ownership group over the other?

One theory is that he doesn’t want a team in Southern Ontario drawing fans away from established teams like the Leafs and Sabres, who would both have to be compensated for drawing strength from their fanbase. But Balsillie ran a season ticket drive in Hamilton and gathered up deposits for almost 13,000 season ticket holders, including selling out every luxury box in Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum. It’s not as if there has never been a team that got moved to another team’s region over the other owner’s objection. See: The Washington Nationals and the Orioles, and The Rams and the Raiders. You pay off the other owners and you move your team in.

Gary Bettman Hates Canadians tooAnother theory is that Bettman and the NHL are simply biased against Canadians. During Bettman’s tenure, two Candian teams have gotten moved to American cities (Winnipeg to Phoenix and Quebec to Colorado). Could the commissioner of one of the most-Canadian friendly leagues hate Canadians? We’re talking about a guy who married a sock, for crying out loud. It’s possible. They should put him in little packages and sell him on an airplane, because he’s nuts.

Or is it something much more specific, and Bettman simply hates Basillie? Basillie tried to buy the Penguins a while back, before Lemieux stepped in. Basillie was confirmed by the NHL Board and was all set to pack up the Penguins and scoot them off to (north of) Buffalo. But Bettman stepped in last minute and threw about 72 million add-ons to the deal, including provisions to void the sale under “certain conditions”.

Bettman later anchored the deal for the Penguins to stay with Lemieux & Co., and get state funding for a new arena, but the Penguins folded quickly after because they were so poorly managed.

The Penguins aren't dead. They're just sleepingWait, what? They were? They do? They have who? Oh. Well, I’ll be damned.

Anyway, could Bettman and Basillie have some private beef? Does Bettman like using a Treo and not a Blackberry? Did Basillie steal Bettman’s first wife, his high school love, an old pair of underwear? There’s got to be some larger, sinister reason for this anti-Basillie Bias.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

Bettman accused of steering Predators sales talks – [The Four Letter]



  1. kansas city people!! hockey hotbed if there ever was one. wait, what.

  2. Well I would think it was perfectly obvious. While trying to channel their inner Pierre Berton, he and his sock fell out of the canoe. He’s had it in for us ever since.

  3. Its entirely possible. According to Mirtle, Balsillie was behind trying to get the Sens to Hamilton back in 02 so it seems like it is more Balsillie specific then anti-Canada.

    That being said, the fact that Bettman is hell-bent on putting in a team in an extremely questionable town like KC over a sure thing like Hamilton means he is not acting in the best interests of the league and needs to be removed (for this and many, many other reasons).

  4. But Bettman’s just the puppet. Who’s pulling the strings? I’m looking at you MLSE. Beware, retired teachers are a fiendish group. We’re through the looking glass people.

  5. threadjack

    Two of the Staal brothers just got arrested.


  6. Just come back to Hartford! I promise there will be more than 5,000 in the stands .. um, I think.

  7. Bettman’s an idiot and obviously has an ego bigger than the league will ever be…
    This team would thrive in Hamilton and would make the most economic sense for the NHL and its fans.

  8. Our first threadjack. I feel so proud.

  9. In one of his comments, (Mrs.) Bettman accused me of being Canadian, and I don’t think he meant it in a good way. So I totally buy the premise.

  10. Same dude threadjacked us the other day, Hextall –

    Quite a publicity tour.

  11. Gary Bettman is the threadjacker? Well, he’s some kind of jacker, that’s for sure…

  12. i hired you predators to lay some track, not dance around like a bunch of kansas city faggots!

    that being said, KC already lost one team due to shit attendance, they dont deserve another. and im pretty sure the answer to getting americans interested in hockey isnt giving a team to a city 99.9% of americans have never heard of.

    oh and Balsillie is a douchebag

  13. […] dogfighting, referee game-fixing, steroids threatening a historical milestone, and secretly meddling in teams’ sale talks, there has never been a worse day than now to be a commissioner of a […]

  14. […] dogfighting, referee game-fixing, steroids threatening a historical milestone, and secretly meddling in teams’ sale talks, there has never been a worse time than now to be a commissioner of a […]

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