Dropping the Gloves with…Alex Ovechkin?!

I Will Break You

Suddenly, those Caps-Pens games will be a bit more interesting. According to reports from Russian publications, Washington Capitals goal-machine Alex Ovechkin got into an argument at a nightclub with some dude named Gennady Ushakov. Ovechkin allegedly punched Ushakov and broke/damaged/rearranged his jaw.

Normally the reaction would range all the way from “I’m impressed with Ovechkin’s toughness/drunken brawling ability” to “Gennady Whoshakov?” Ushakov, in addition to whatever (now completely shot) street cred he might have had in Moscow, also happens to be the agent for the Penguins’ Evgeni Malkin.

I will suddenly be much more interested in Caps-Pens matchups…will Malkin take a run at Ovechkin? What does two Russian hockey players fighting look like? Will Ovechkin find out the hard way that Ushakov has some “friends” in Brighton Beach and disappear forever during the Caps’ first road trip to NYC?



  1. He would’ve busted up Malkin’s jaw but figured having to live in Pittsburgh for 8 months a year is painful enough…

  2. For what it’s worth, Ovechkin has denied the incident even happened, the Caps are calling it “of no concern,” and the Russian paper that ran the story has limited credibility (others with more cred passed on it). Obviously the player and the team have an interest in down-playing it, but at most it sounds like much ado about very little.

    Oh. and perhaps the most interesting twist of all – Ushakov used to be AO’s agent.

  3. @ Right Winger:

    Yeah, being on a side with the best player in the league really must suck.

  4. JP — you’re letting the facts get in the way of the story. You didn’t go to journalism school, did you?

  5. The Penguins weren’t relegated to the AHL yet?

  6. Dream on, RDfaRP. You only get relegated for continually sucking. Or overpaying Marc Denis.

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