Shameless Self-Promotions: Help a MYFOer Get on Reality TV

Sir H of HAs long, unexplained absences go, a contributer on a fledgling hockey blog during the offseason is not going to make much of a blip on the proverbial radar screen.  I’m sure no one here was wondering “hey… where’s Sir Hotbod been?”  But, I’m going to report my whereabouts anyway – especially because I need to ask a small favor of my fellow MYFOers and our loyal readers.  Not only has there been little to write about in the hockey world (and what could be written about was handled more than proficiently by our crack team), but I have been in pursuit of a new goal in my life…

I am presently trying to get on a reality show called Tontine (you can Google it to learn more).  I had to make a video for the 2nd round of auditions and post it on youtube (the filming of said video was a 2 week process, itself).  The videos posted as part of this audition will be rated according to specific criteria, three of which are views, comments and ratings.  Why did I do this? ‘Cause I’m a big fan of money, I like it, I use it, I have a little, I keep it in a jar on top of my refrigerator, I’d like to put more in that jar, that’s where you come in…

All that I ask is that you login to youtube, click on this link – 

-and leave some love in the form of ratings and comments.  Help me out big time and watch it a few times.  Tell your friends, too. 

This may be an annoying post to endure, but if I happened to win the big prize on Tontine, then I can become a full-time blogger.   You know what that means?  More crappy posts about the Islanders on MYFO!  At the very least, you get to see one of the contributers make an ass out of himself on the interwebs.  What do you have to lose???

Just kidding about the Islanders posts.  But thanks for your help on this!


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  1. PS- I forgot to mention that this video provides everyone the opportunity to see the irony in my handle.

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