The Minnesota Wild Doesn’t Care About Blogs


A couple of weeks ago, your pal (we’re chums, are we not?) Weed Against Speed had himself an idea. We all know that athletes read blogs; in fact, a few even have their own. Some of them are actually amusing while the purpose of other athlete’s blogs is to settle personal vendettas – I’m referring to you, Curt Schilling, you goofy bastard. So, I thought to myself: why don’t I contact the Wild and see if they would put me in touch with Derek Boogaard, one of our favorite pucksters here at MYFO, for an interview.

To be honest, I knew my chances of actually getting the opportunity to interview Mr. Boogaard was as likely as the MYFO crew having Gary Bettman’s wife over to the Secret Hideout for tea and strumpets. Nevertheless, my confidence was somewhat bolstered by the fact the New York Islanders will have the NYI Blog Box this upcoming season. Join me as I relay my experience of a lowly blogger attempting to act like a legitmate journalist.

Boogaard BobbleheadFrankly, I didn’t know where to begin. So I e-mailed a couple of sports writers at the local newspapers to inquire if they would provide any contact information as to whom I should get in touch with at the Minnesota Wild. Amazingly, I received a couple of responses. A talented scribe at one of the Twin Cities dailies provided me with an e-mail address of a gentlemen in the Wild Communications Department, who shall remain nameless, as I happen to be a gentlemen myself (on occasion).

I prepared what I thought was a very thorough and well thought-out correspondence requesting an interview with Mr. Boogaard. I will not bore you with the details of the e-mail, but to sum it up, it was a lot of ass-kissing with some lame-brained attempts to persuade the Wild organization of the value of incorporating blogs into their day-to-day contact with the outside world. Specifically, I asserted that blogs are becoming an important member of the “new media”. I know, I know – it was a bunch of bullshit but I figured I had a better chance with a friendly approach as opposed to outright threatening the guy. What follows is the response I received:

“Thanks for the email. Unfortunately we do not facilitate player interview access for blogs per team policy. I hope you understand and appreciate your interest in the Wild and NHL.”

Fuck the heck? Facilitate access? Team policy? In the? I don’t get it! I mean, if I was a writer from a legitimate publication such as Cat Fancy he might have put me in touch with Derek Boogaard? Truthfully, I would have understood if he had responded with something along the lines of he checked out MYFO and believed perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to be complicit in arranging an interview with a blog crawling out from the “underground”, as opposed to (not an actual web site).

So there you have it, my friends. The Minnesota Wild organization has stirred something in me and I will now make it my mission and will not rest until I get that interview with Derek Boogaard. Remember, a win for MYFO is a win for all of us little peons out there drudging along with our little witty posts and snarky analyses. It’s time for guerrilla blogging, baby.

First up in my quest, I will post my “Open Letter to Derek Boogaard” in the very near future. Join me if you wish, my comrades, and viva la revolución de los deportes!! *

* a special thanks to the studly 289 for use of one of his brilliant images. Go to and buy one of his t-shirts, you cheap bastards.





  1. We still get tea and strumpets, right?

  2. The Wild think the Islanders’ blog box is for sissies.

  3. @RDfaRP: If I know myself as well as I think I do, I’ll invite everyone right in for some…

  4. @RDfaRP:

    I was told there’d be punch and pie.

  5. I would have liked to see a Boogaard article in Cat Fancy.

  6. The fact that you got a response at all is suprising. Nicely done, though.

  7. I went to a legitimate journalism school. I have worked at legitimate publications. This, sir, is no legitimate publication.

    Thank God.

    Oh, and that was supposed to be tea bags and strumpets, right?

  8. Good luck in getting that interview, and may the force be with you.

    “Guerrilla Blogging”? I like it!

  9. I suggest not sending a link to “Gary Bettman’s Wife Should be Gang Banged” post as a sample next time

  10. @Baba: Of course I didn’t send that one – I sent Raskolnikov’s Crime & Punishment Part III.

  11. FHF will join your guerilla blogging fight til the powers that be succomb to the force of the interwebs.

    Of course, I’m not sue the Habs know what a blog is. They are so steeped in tradition and the past I think they still use a Telex machine.

  12. *not SURE the Habs…

    Sue was a stripper I was with last night. Must still be on the brain

  13. Might I suggest calling Mr. Boogaard’s agent? Or his hockey school? Tell them you’re from some small-time daily newspaper – they won’t verify until it’s too late.

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