According to ESPN the Mag, Motivational Speaking Might Be the 4th Major Sport

Gracing Pages 118 and 154I will admit a few things before I get started:  1.  I did not read the September 10, 2007 edition of ESPN the Magazine cover-to-cover (but I did at least skim the whole thing) and 2. We are approaching the end of the baseball regular season and the beginning of the NFL regular season, while the NHL is still in off-season mode.


Upon a perusal of the WWL’s rag, I uncovered an interesting statistic.  Find out what it was after the jump.

Alarming statistic:
Number of pages on which Dr. Phil was mentioned in ESPN the Magazine this week: 2
Number of pages on which the NHL was mentioned in ESPN the Magazine this week: 2

Even better, one of those NHL-mentioning pages consisted of an article praising NHL 2008 the video game!  So, discussions of real-life, non-pixelated hockey players were limited to one blurb in one side bar comparing Gretzky’s 802nd career goal scored on Kirk McLean to Barry Bonds’ 756th home run off of Mike Bacsik.  But, if one wanted to learn about the alma mater of Oprah’s favorite pseudo-psychologist, one need simply purchase one of the leading sports magazines and flip to page 154.  North Texas, folks.

This trend of featuring things non- or semi-sports related more than hockey is nothing new for ESPN the Mag.  A few issues ago (or last issue, I forget), the featured celeb was Lindsay Lohan.  Now I love Lindsay as much as Perez Hilton, but I like seeing her, not reading about her – and especially not in a sports magazine.  The trend is not limited to celebrity cameos, either.  In the Dr. Phil issue there is a feature article, albeit heart-warming, consisting of 6 pages about the Virginia Tech Marching Band.  Don’t get me wrong, I was as saddened and shocked about the VT tragedy as anyone else, but shouldn’t these stories be reserved for People or Time or even Marching Band Monthly?  I have a subscription to ESPN because sports, and reading about sports, takes me away from the harsh reality that is… um, reality*.  And, even with that in mind, I would have accepted an article about the effect of the tragedy on the football team.  Instead, I got 6 less pages about the NHL off-season so I could read about a senseless tragedy that had nothing to do with sports and how those that participate in a non-athletic extracurricular activity are coping.  No thanks, Bristol.

I know what you’ll all say in the comments, though – what else would I expect from the Worldwide Leader?

Too bad there’s no Versus: the Magazine…

*Not actually true – I have a subscription to get Insider access, which I use to kick ass in fantasy sports.



  1. Marching Band Monthly’s Insider Access gets you as many “This one time, at Band Camp” stories as you would like.*

    *Most like none.

  2. Somehow I see great use afoot in the “Posts that may irk RDFARP and his Saxophone” tag.

  3. Any reason to find out more about Dr. Phil is fine by me. Damn, he’s a handsome fellow!

    Oh, and they should write more about hockey in ESPN: The Vag.

  4. There is a VERSUS: The Magazine. You just can’t buy it anywhere.

  5. Sure you can. It’s at lots of stores… on the top shelf of the magazine rack, 30 feet from the floor, in an unmarked brown wrapper. But it’s not like you can’t get it.

  6. I know I’m the one who brought it up, but…. speaking of fantasy sports, who is going to be the commissioner of the MYFOFHL?

    Not it!

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