Let the Hazing Begin

After literally months of slacking, the MYFO crew has finally addedhazing.jpeg to its numbers. We have fought through the dog days of summer together and the season is just around the corner, so its time we added some people to help keep the dream alive. We have all sorts of goodness in store for you this season, so to see who made the cut and is on board, hit the jump.

Legend of Vincent Tremblay – Penguins – You may know him from the Deadspin threads, or his blog, but you will come to love him as one half of MYFO Penguins coverage. Check out how he made the cut here.

Dan Hopper – Penguins – Oh ya, we have double the Penguins pleasure at MYFO. Why two Pens guys when your team doesn’t have any writers at MYFO? Partly because they are a young, and upcoming team, but mostly because your team has shitty writers. Check out Dan’s work at BestWeekEver.tv or his application post.

The Ordinary Seaman – Canadiens – As much as I hate the Habs for ruining much of my childhood as a Bruins fan and the last few years of my life for sending Jose Theodore’s beautifully full hair to let in goals in Denver, we had to include TOS because he is a funny bastard and for giving me Patrick Roy. Ahhhh the good old days. The Ordinary Seaman’s application post here.

Matthew Romanada – Respect – Last, but certainly not least, we have our ringer, Matthew Romanada. This is the man who will bring a little respect around these parts and hopefully cancel out various crude jokes we have made *cough* gangrapinggarybettman’swife *cough* Matt will bring you weekly reports from the great white north about the big stories of the day. Think of MYFO like 60 Minutes in reverse. Everybody else is Andy Rooney, and Matt is like Ed Bradley, but you know, alive.



  1. Nice. Welcome to all. Now go home and get your fuckin’ shineboxes.

  2. Now that we’ve added two Pens writers, Pensblog can’t help but love us!

  3. Respect? Cancelling out of crude jokes? Fuck shit boobies, I cant be hanging out here anymore.

    TOS the weight of the greatest dynasty in sports (yeah yeah shut up Yankee fans) rests on your shoulders. Do us proud, son.

  4. Excuse me? This semen on the floor isn’t going to clean itself up.

  5. Inspired selections gentlepersons. I look forward to mocking all of you for your hopeless delusions of grandeur. But I’ll bring cookies.

  6. Sweet–two Penguins writers to make fun of.

  7. How is Ed Bradley dead and Andy Rooney still alive and being all racist and shit? No justice there.

    And since the league and those who follow it will be sucking off the Penguins for the next five to 10 years, it only makes sense MYFO will too.

  8. Do I still post on this blog?

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