By The Time You Read This I May Have Already Moved On To Some Other Meaningless Pursuit

Letter Opener

As all you dedicated readers out there are well-aware of by now, I have made it my mission to arrange an interview with Derek Boogaard of the Minnesota Wild for our humble little blog. My first attempt failed (see here) so consequently I hereby submit my second in what will most likely be several futile attempts to secure said interview. What follows is the letter I sent to Mr. Boogaard in care of the Minnesota Wild Front Office Headquarters.

September 19, 2007

Minnesota Wild
Attn: Mr. Derek Boogaard 
317 Washington Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Re: Interview Request

Dear Mr. Boogaard: 

Hey Boogeyman! How’s it going? I know it’s a busy time for you right now with training camp opening up last Friday but I was curious if you would be willing to be so kind as to accomodate a request for an interview. It would be for a hockey blog I take part in writing. I suppose I should first introduce myself. I go by Weed Against Speed and our blog is called Melt Your Face Off and if you haven’t read it, you should. It’ s a hoot and a holler, I tell ya.

Anyway, I am aware that there are more conventional ways to arrange an interview with an NHL player, such as going through their team’s communication department. Unfortunately, the Minnesota Wild does not facilitate player interviews with blogs. I suppose I can understand the policy so I thought the next logical step was to attempt to contact you personally. Maybe this letter will actually be delivered to you, perhaps it will not. I will likely never know.

If you have ever perused our blog I am sure you would have noticed we are big fans of yours here at MYFO. This admiration for you as a player and the way you play the game is primarily spearheaded by myself (as the resident Minnesota Wild fan and correspondent), but it is shared by all the writers on our site. We appreciate your aggressive style of play and believe it to be essential to hockey continuing to be played the right way. We are also big supporters of your Youth Hockey Fight Camp, by the way, despite the protests by those in the media obviously motivated by the need to appear politically correct.

I am not sure if I should even bother attempting to persuade you to agree to an interview or how I would even go about such a thing. Regardless, I have included my contact information so feel free to contact me if and when convenient. I have also posted this letter on our site so perhaps you may see it there as well. It is my hope that if this letter does not reach you personally possibly someone you know will make you aware of its presence online.

Finally, as I stated previously, I understand you are very busy right now. Between preparing for the upcoming season and hopefully contributing additional material to FHM Magazine (The Enforcer) I will completely understand if you cannot find the time to respond to my request. Either way, I look forward to continuing to watch you run roughshod over the rest of the NHL. We here at Melt Your Face Off will be watching. Good luck.


Weed Against Speed
Wild Correspondent for Melt Your Face Off (

p.s.  I see you got thrown out of the Wild’s first preseason game against the Red Wings last night. I agree with your assertion that referees have it out for you as well. I guess there’s nothing to be done about it but keep on doing what you do. Keep up the good work.

So there you have it, true believers. Hopefully, I will hear something one way or another  from the Talented Mr. Boogaard.  Of course, any information I do receive I will relay, even if said information comes in the form of Harassment Restraining Order papers against me.

One last thing. I implore all of our friends out there in Blogsylvania to support our cause in any way, shape or form possible. Tell every Tom, Dick and Henri about our quest and maybe it will somehow get back to Derek. My next step? Who knows? But for now, simply remember, if MYFO succeeds, we all succeed.  Join the fight and viva la revolución de los deportes!! 




  1. Perhaps a real name, instead of “Weed Against Speed” would make you seem less creepy to him?

    Anyway, good luck, you have my support.

  2. Pam/Shorty, in the letter I mailed to him I signed with my actual name. I’m already getting hate e-mails because I use the North Stars logo as my avatar, so I thought it was a good idea to leave my real name out of the online version.

  3. oh ok, that makes sense! i assure you none of those hate mails are from me!

  4. The hate mails are from me! Ha ha ha!!!!!! Although, I sent you a drunken email calling you a douche, you responded by telling me to go fuck myself, so hate mail can be kind of a two-way street, ya know. Then I sent you a nasty hangover related email (sorry, no excuse for that one).

    But I started it…Sorry.

    Anyway, I’ll tell you what, I feel bad about the whole thing, I have an old friend who works for the Wild, no guarantees anything will come of it, but if you want I will send your article his way. Maybe that will help you get closer to the Boog. Let me know, you have my email.

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