We Will Do More Damage to You than Doug MacLean

That’s it, we’ve had enough.

Two to four weeks? Ron Hainsey, let me introduce you to the Knaves of Toews.






We are your worst enemy. The Freemasons fear that we have entered their ranks, so they have decided to taser anyone who presents trouble. Henri Ducard failed the entrance test to our group: Ed Belfour crotch shots for 12 hours. We are impervious to cross checks to the face, Icy Hot in our jocks, and Bertuzzi face plants. You cannot stop us.

We will not turtle and take this like Claude Lemieux. Fuck that weak shit. We’re pulling out all the stops. Someone’s gonna get you, but it’s not gonna be Koci or Seabrook.

And that goes for all of you Blue Jackets. Jared Boll, Ryan Stokes sent you back to Crystal Lake and received a nasty gash by your stick. Rusty Klesla, don’t think we didn’t forget what you did last year in the preseason. I’d take your knee out myself, but that would aid Columbus. You fuckers would rather be a Confederate in Camp Chase than face what we’re preparing.

We’re off to the subterranean shelter of 333 N. Michigan Avenue for the next month, plotting our revenge against you.


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  1. mother f-ing blew jackets. i don’t think there’s a larger bunch of cast-offs and dirty players in the entire NHL. here’s to them losing 50 and Rick Nash to a busted face courtesy of Koci.

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