Travis Bickle Transmigration #1




Since 2005, hockey’s teleology has deemed that there must be a winner in every contest. Commentators and viewers generally deem that one person wins or loses the game, a reason too simplistic in MYFO’s eyes. Those players unrecognized by the mainstream media and the general public often develop senses of disillusionment and alienation. Realization of this event occurs after one traumatic event where another player on the alienated one’s team is abused. At this time, Travis Bickle’s spirit enters the alienated player’s body, looking for revenge. This is the first installment in the Travis Bickle Transmigration Series.

Bickle’s Alienation Personified: Dean McAmmond




Cause of Bickle’s Alienation: Steve Downie



Travis Bickle: Chris Neil

Why not Brian McGrattan? The enforcer doesn’t play enough to warrant this role. Viewers hear play-by-play men spew clichéd lines about his grittiness and value to the team as a glue guy, but Neil wants more. The Senators alternate captain busts his ass as a checking line forward and deals with the opponent’s top line. He has led the Senators in penalty minutes since the 01-02 season, so he has no problem fighting. Last year’s Stanley Cup Finals loss has sent Neil further over the edge. Someone must suffer.

Senator Palantine: Daniel Brière

What would hurt the Flyers more than Derian Hatcher playing? Their greatest offensive player taking a .44 Magnum to the stomach (or 60-inch Koho to the face). Brière’s success is irrelevant in the long run, as he is not Bickle’s main target (and his contract is guaranteed). Neil wants love and attention from others, and what better way than destroying the Flyers’ biggest off-season acquisition?

Tall Secret Service Man: Ben Eager

As Philadelphia’s enforcer, Eager protects Brière, Simon Gagné, Alexandre Picard, and the other skilled players. Although Neil has experience as a power forward, he knows when to pick his fights. Since the Secret Service is constantly ready for attacks, Neil must attack elsewhere.

Sport: Scott Hartnell

The perfect target. He’s a physical forward and has experience fighting, but Sport is not expecting any silly business. As an added bonus, Hartnell has shown some offensive talent over his career, scoring 25 goals in 05-06 and 22 last year. Sure, he’s carrying heat, but Neil has the jump on him. One quick shot to the gut will slow Hartnell down and another to the face will finish him off.


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