Did He Just Say "Making Puck"? MYFO's Recap of Last Night's Action On The Ice


Detroit Plays the Role of Snickering Dog: Duck(s) Hunt(ed) Down and Lose In Shootout to Red Wings: One of the more compelling storylines from this game is that this is Todd Bertuzzi’s first game playing for Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks. Seriously, fuck that guy right in his stinkhole. Am I the only one that hates this guy like the shit that breaks off mid-turd when you’re late for work? Too much wiping – gross. Nevertheless, Detroit wins in a shootout 3-2. 

You’re Doing A Heckuva Job, Koivu: Obviously, the Montreal Canadiens don’t give a shit about New Orleans. Saku Koivu’s game-winner in OT lifts the Habs over the Hurricanes 3-2.

The Battle of Canadia, Part I: Dany Heatley steers two goals past Toronto goalie Andrew Raycroft, including the game-winner in overtime, to lead the Senators to a 4-3 victory over the Maple Leafs.

Whoo-hoo! Stars Lose: The preceding statement will always be what you get from ‘ol Weed Against Speed insofar as the North Stars are concerned. Stars lose 4-3 to the Avalanche. I hate the Stars – and Norm Green – fuck that douchenozzle. No one that played for the North Stars had anything to do with this loss, so great.



  1. Hating on the Stars because of Norm Green is like hating on sushi because of Pearl Harbor… get over yourself

    And the only NORTH Star left on the current team is Modono, who showed NOTHING but honeymoon fatigue last night…

  2. No mention of a Stastny hat trick? for shame

  3. For 2 periods I thought to myself “gee, the Leaves are looking really good, they might beat the Sens”. Then the third period and OT came about and the Leaves reverted to form. Should be a long season for the TO faithful.

    And “Man goes into cage, cage goes into salsa. San Jose’ Shark in the salsa. Our shark.”

  4. starstruk, Weed is from Minnesota. Some wounds never heal.

    And after watching that game, I’d have guessed that it was Marty Turco who was exhausted from an afternoon of wild, passionate sex with Willa Ford. Women weaken glove hands, Turcs.

  5. Tremblay

    True dat… Turcs played like Roenick, soft and easy… long season ahead!

  6. I do love me some Stastny lineage.

    Also, Baba, do you have a time machine so we can go back and get Luongo instead of Josie? Please tell me you do.

  7. Weed man, chant it with me:

    Norm Sucks! Norm Sucks! Norm Sucks!

    Which is to say, I hear you, and I agree.

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