Making Puck: Awareness is the Answer

Clap for Alaska, boy.It seems that our daily recaps are off to a great start here at MYFO.  But we want you all to know that Making Puck can be MORE than just clever one-liners concerning last night’s action on the ice and long overdue Celebrity Jeopardy tributes.  We’re here for your edumacation, as well.

With only one game on the slate yesterday (SJ-COL), we’re going to tie-in our recap with some helpful tips on Avalanche Awareness, courtesy of the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

  1. Why avalanche awareness?  Two reasons: Avalanches claim upwards of 150 lives a year.  Also, the Sharks need the license plate of that truck that just hit them.  Colorado’s a 6-2 winner.
  2. Who gets caught in avalances?  Climbers, backcountry skiiers, snowmobilers, and Evegeni Nabokov, who made only 17 saves on 23 shots, and was pulled before the half-way point of the third.
  3. When and where avalanches happen  The answers to that question are “in the 3rd Period” and “at Even Strength.”  Hejduk, Smyth, Svatos, and Stastny lit the lamp under those circumstances.
  4. Tips for avalanche survival  Keep Joe Sakic away from the net.  His first period goal and a helper on Hejduk’s power play tally moves him past Phil Esposito on the all-time scoring list.  Super Mario, you’re next?

Note: is recapping this game as their “Game of the Night.”  Way to go out on a limb with that one, guys.


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  1. 5) How to prevent massive, wing-shaking Avalanches: Don’t piss off Patrick Roy.

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