(Former) Wild Prospect Takes Off His Tin Foil Hat Long Enough To Accuse Team Of “False Media”

Tin Foil Hat

There’s an old saying that goes “batshit crazy people do batshit crazy things”. Well, it’s not really a saying as much as it is a time-tested fact. Former Minnesota Golden Gopher and shortly-lived Wild prospect Tyler Hirsch appears to have made it his personal mission to be one of the poster boys for this theory. Hirsch claims the Wild misrepresented his status with the team over the past weekend, accusing them of “false media”. Before we get into that sordid story, let’s go back in time to a little over two years ago when Hirsch’s downfall began…

After the Gophers skated to a 3-0 loss to Colorado College in the WCHA Final Five Tournament in March 2005 and after everyone else had left the ice, Hirsch took a puck, skated alone to center ice and did this:

Hirsch may have been in a little bit of an “unhinged” state there, wouldn’t you say? Following this debacle, Hirsch played sparingly for the rest of his Gophers career, finally getting kicked off the team last December by coach Don Lucia.

Now that he had essentially flushed a once-promising college career (117 points in 144 games) down the shitter, one would think Tyler would be grateful for the opportunity to catch on with any NHL team, much less his hometown team (Hirsch is from Bloomington, Minnesota).  One would hope that Mr. Hirsch would take advantage of the chance afforded him that once appeared may never occur…yeah, not so much.

As originally reported in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Wild announced that Hirsch had signed a contract with the Houston Aeros, their AHL affiliate, and had been assigned to the Aero’s ECHL affiliate Texas Wildcatters. In response, this is what Hirsch had to say:

“I have neither verbally committed to or signed anything resembling a contract with the Minnesota Wild or their minor-league affiliates. I have never laid eyes on a would-be contract and am currently a free agent.”

We can all agree that perhaps the Wild should not have announced he signed a contract when it may not have been an entirely accurate statement. Although no one other than Hirsch and the team will ever know for sure, I tend to believe that Hirsch “verbally agreed” to something, given his career was already on “thin ice” (ha ha) and as Tyler should have realized – no one else wanted him. Unfortunately, it appears Tyler enjoys burning bridges. He went on to add in an e-mail to the press:

I have historically ignored false media regarding myself. I do not intend to continue to do so as it has been damaging to my reputation as a person and hockey career. I … cannot accept these manipulations of truth to continually be publicly printed about myself. I will personally address those in my communicative circle that may have had anything to do with this misconception.”

Well, Mr. Hirsch, your wish has been granted – you are no longer a member of the Wild organization. Good luck with your budding NHL career, which may have been irreparably damaged (but definitely tarnished) by your latest antics. Will any other organzation assume the risk and sign this kid? We’ll have to wait and see. Given his past, would you?

People always say things change once you leave college. For Tyler Hirsch, things seem to have sadly stayed the same.


Tyler Hirsch



  1. It’s always sad when obviously talented individuals are too batshit insane to take care of their business en route to a future of millions of dollars. What was his point in all that nonsense with the empty net penalty shot? Was it: “I’m an asshole” ?

  2. Tyler is the most free agent. Inform your respective communicative circles.

  3. i skated with Tyler as a kid, hell – i even roomed with him at hockey camps for years. I still can’t believe all this went down, and when you actually sit and talk with hirschey, he’s an awesome and fun guy. i hope that he gets another chance to play, and that this time he takes advantage of that chance.

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