Making Puck: It Must Be Fall. The Leafs Are Dying.



Only one game last night. But, damn, what a game. Seven different Hurricanes scored on Toskala, including MYFO Favorite Eric Staal.

We’re going to be getting back to our original content today in addition to your daily Making Puck. Keep your chin up, hockey fans. We’ve got a long way to go this season.



  1. Two goalies?

    That’s cheating.

  2. It’s XTREME Hockey, Hex!

  3. @ Hex:

    Yeah, but one is John Grahame. He’s more like 1/3 of a goalie.

  4. Is it sad I welcomed my girl’s choice of L&0 SVU instead of watching any more of that horribleness last night? That’s right, watching an episode where Sabrina The Teenage Witch got raped was better than that game.

  5. A Seventh Heaven rerun is better than watching the leafs right now. Damn. Maybe even Monday Night Football with Thiesman commentating again…ok, it’s not that bad yet.

  6. Ugly uniform alert!

  7. ouch. curb stomping….I saw at about 18 minutes into 3rd period it was 4-1 and I figred it couldn’t get worse.

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