Midwest Cornpone At Its Finest (Plus Some Other Games)

In a nearly-full slate of NHL action tonight, one game stands out above the others for family entertainment value.

Predators at Blues. Tonight is the Blues’ home opener. A rare sellout is expected, meaning that 19,500 are almost sure to be treated to both the exciting organ rendition of “When the Blues Go Marching In” (yes, that’s exactly what you think it is; Louis Armstrong rolls in his grave) and the timeless antics of The Towel Guy:

Prediction: Good time had by all! Blues 4, Preds 2.

There are 11 other games, previewed after the jump.

Flyers at Canucks. The Flyers take their newfound team unity on the road. Marty Biron will close his eyes and trust his D-men to block all the shots. Prediction: Canucks 25, Flyers 2.

Rangers at Islanders. It’s on VERSUS! Prediction: Rangers 4, Islanders 3 (OT). Dunno, just feels like a shootout waiting to happen.

Senators at Thrashers. The Loquacious Legislators take their act to the Dirty South. Prediction: Comedy ensues as cultures collide! Sens 5, Thrashers 1. Jason Spezza has a hat trick to give my fantasy team a boost.

Coyotes at Blue Jackets. Two utterly nondescript teams battle it out. Prediction: It was a tossup, but my love of BJs barely edges my love of garbage-eating desert canines. Jackets 4, Yotes 2.

Canadiens at Penguins. It’s a battle of phenoms, as Montreal plans to start hyped rookie goaltender Carey Price against Crosby, Malkin, Staal and the rest of those adorable little birds. Prediction: Canadiens 3, Happy Feet 2: Mumble Saves the Rainforest.

Panthers at Lightning. Somehow, VERSUS didn’t think this intrastate battle would be a big TV draw. Go figure. Prediction: Lightning 6, Panthers 1.

Flames at Red Wings. Betting against the Wings at Joe Louis is usually a losing proposition, but I just love that Dion Phaneuf. Prediction: Flames 5, Wings 4.

Oilers at Wild. Dustin Penner is a big, big kid. I wouldn’t mind seeming him have a go at Boogaard. Prediction: Oilers 2, Wild 1.

Sharks at Blackhawks. I’ll take this one directly from the Hawks’ official site: “The San Jose Sharks need a win Wednesday night to salvage a split of their season-opening four-game road trip. Given their recent history against the Chicago Blackhawks, they appear likely to get that victory.” Go, team, I guess. Prediction: Hawks 4, Sharks 2. You can’t go wrong doing the opposite of what the Hawks think.

Kings at Stars. Anze Kopitar and Mike Camallieri are two terrific players. With some defense, a more seasoned goaltender, and better depth, the Kings could contend for the playoffs! Prediction: Stars 6, Kings 3.

Bruins at Ducks. No Niedermayer. No Selanne. No Giguere. Looks like it could be a good night for the Bruins. Prediction: Ducks 4, Bruins 3. Hey, I said “good” night, not miraculous.


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  1. Dustin Penner better not try any funny stuff…the Boogeyman will be ready.

    And the Wild owned the Oilers last year. Wild win 4-1.

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