Travis Bickle Transmigration #2


Since 2005, hockey’s teleology has deemed that there must be a winner in every contest. Commentators and viewers generally deem that one person wins or loses the game, a reason too simplistic in MYFO’s eyes. Those players unrecognized by the mainstream media and the general public often develop senses of disillusionment and alienation. Realization of this event occurs after one traumatic event where another player on the alienated one’s team is abused. At this time, Travis Bickle’s spirit enters the alienated player’s body, looking for revenge. This is the second installment in the Travis Bickle Transmigration Series.

Bickle’s Alienation Personified: Ryan Kesler


Cause of Bickle’s Alienation: Jesse Boulerice

Well, well, well. One thug goes down, a power vacuum forms, and another goon pops up in its place. Philadelphia enforcers: the acne vulgaris of the NHL.  Yeah, Mr. Color Guy, I think Boulerice “got him pretty good”.

Travis Bickle: Alexandre Burrows Todd Bertuzzi

I wish Bertuzzi were still playing in Vancouver. Seeing Kesler drop to his knees like a 13 year old Vietnamese girl would have meant the end of any of Boulerice’s somewhat rational thoughts. I’m guessing something along the lines of a Front Russian Legsweep.

But do you think playing for another team is going to stop a psychopath like Bertuzzi? HELL NO! It actually helps his cause! The Canucks don’t play the Flyers again this year, but the Ducks visit the Wachovia Center on February 2, 2008. Brian Burke must have some connections in the Canucks organization.



Mike Danton wasn’t available.

Betsy: Brian Burke

What better way for Bertuzzi to indoctrinate himself into the Ducks by doing what his former GM desires?

The Mafioso: Martin Biron

Already fought, but at least he didn’t Lemieux.  He’ll take his beating like a real Flyer, which is to say that he’ll be laying lifeless on the ice and only Keith Jones can save him.


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  1. When I first looked at that caption, I read “Matt Damon wasn’t available.” Wow.

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