Making Puck: It still would have been 9-8 without Goalies

Boom goes the Dynamite.

Holy shit. Two games ending with 11 goals. Three games ending with 10 goals. I asked aloud on Deadspin last night “What the fuck is going on?” Thanks to Deadspin commenter Munsoned, I now know….Marketing.

It’s a fair point. Anything that gives me another chance to say Fuck You, Gary Bettman.

Say it with me. FUCK YOU, GARY BETTMAN! Join me after the jump for the goal explosion.

Briere Who? The Sabres don’t need high-scoring free agents. They can do fine on their own, defeating the Caps 7-3. Spacek got two goals, both coming on power plays. Brian Campbell picks up three assists and a goal of his own as well.

Sid the Kid Remembers He’s Supposed To Be Our Savior. Crosby picks up his first two goals of the year, and Talbot tacks on two more. Crosby even started to get a little scrappy in the second, throwing a couple punches at Nik Antropov. The Pens top the Leafs 6-4.

Senators Get Tired of Playing Badly. One loss is more than enough for the Sends, as they scored three times in 52 seconds to top the Rangers. Dany Heatley is now your league leader with six goals after driving recklessly to the net to kill the game while it was still in the prime of its life. But the game’s family forgives him, so he shouldn’t be punished.

The Devils Went Down to Georgia. Patrick Elias scores with 28 seconds left to have the Devils top the Thrashers 6-5. Elias had two goals total, and Martin Brodeur, formerly the best goalie in the league, made a grand total of 12 saves.

Bill Wirtz’s Ghost Trumps Norm Green’s Ghost. The Stars’ rookie goalie had a shutout going for 59 minutes, 58 seconds. The problem is he let in two goals in the next 45 seconds. That’s how you go from shutout to overtime loss in your first ever game in the NHL. Loser.

Joe Fucking Sakic Hits a Hat Trick. Seriously, do wins even count against Columbus?

There may or may not have been a game involving the Lightning, but I am not aware of any outcome that may or may not have happened.



  1. Joe Fucking Sakic ladies and gents. Quote of the night supplied by Columbus goalie, Pascal Leclaire, “He’s a pretty good shooter.”

  2. I have a gambling friend who’s NHL betting consists entirely of picking a couple of games and taking the overs every night. Working well for him.

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