Making Puck: You Don’t Vote for Kings.


While Deadspin brings you the best action from the Night before Last Night, MYFO is here to recap the ALL the games that were played in the NHL Sunday. 

You know, both of them.

Detroit assumes L.A. is an Autonomous Collective– So Gary Bettman sends the Kings to England, and all of a sudden, they assume that wins come as a byproduct of historical entitlement.  However, strange commissioners lying in ponds distributing international boarding passes is no basis for a system of government.  The Wings pretend it’s 2000 all over again, using a goal from Kris Draper and a night in net from Chris Osgood to keep L.A. winless in North America.  Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from a -3 game out of Rob Blake.  Wings win 4-1.

Rule #1: You DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CAMP – When Minnesota arrived in Anaheim, they had a score to settle.  They were eliminated last year in the playoffs by the eventual Stanley Cup champs, so they no doubt woked through the night devising expert strategies and ideal line combinations to defeat their rival foes.  Derek Boogaard opts for Plan B: punching people in the face.  The Boogeyman fought both Brad May and George Parros, and Parrish and Rolston killed time in between bouts with a couple of goals to give unbeaten Minnesota a 2-0 decision.



  1. Boy, that trip to London really worked out for the Kings and Ducks. What an “honor” to be selected for the season opener.

  2. Make note of this, Sens and Pens fans. Don’t bet on that Cup Run next year.

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