Budaj v Mullet Round One

I really hope this thing doesn’t last more than three rounds because if there is still a goalie controversy by the time the the World Series is over, the temporary blinders will be off of Denver and I’m going to have to hear about it from every goddamn sportswriter and anchor on the local news. I really don’t think I could handle that. And just to make matters worse the town is hopelessly biased as to their decision. On the one hand we have the devout Catholic who came out of nowhere to lead the team on an improbable run at the postseason at the end of last year and he’s a Simpsons fan. Then we have an overpaid, oft injured biologically engineered mullet  touting french-Canadian (the mullet, not the goalie), Paris Hilton canoodling douche with an ever changing pronunciation of his name, and expectations to be the next Patrick Roy that were never met. So I think the town might be pulling for one over the other, just a little bit.


In just under 23 minutes of play Peter Budaj allowed 4 goals on 12 shots. Not very good. So the Avs had to go to the bench early and pull out the rusted, although immaculately groomed head of hair that is Jose Theodore. The game turned almost immediately with Marek Svatos putting one away only 13 seconds later. This started the improbable 4 point second period that tied up the game and forced an OT. It may not have been the greatest comeback in Avalanche history (can it really be that big of a comeback if that game was tied for the last 25 minutes of regulation), but impressive nonetheless. Ryan Smyth added to his goal and assist in regulation by scoring what ended up being the decisive goal in the shoot out. Coupled with a kick save on old friend Alex Tanguay by Jose Theodore’s mullet, the Avs pulled off something they have struggled with ever since it was started: win a shootout. Honestly I fucking hate those things, can we just each take a point and call it a game like we used to? Jose is now 4-1 in them now, however, and if he keeps this up he might just be the closer and I will have to change my opinion of the whole affair.

With Budaj not playing up to the high standards of the end of last season and Jose playing for his next contract, we will have to see how things shake up in the Mile High City over the next month. Until then marvel at this video of Jose’s best saves. Take special note of the awesomeness of the music picked, no doubt, by a greasy french-Canadian seperatist and also at the fact that exactly zero of the saves come in an Avs sweater.



  1. As a result of the song, now all I can think of is Weird Al in UHF, which also fetured incredible hair

  2. Oh man. The Hell’s Angels are SO coming after you.

  3. Budaj is a devout Catholic? Go Jose!

  4. No one could go down faster than José. On Paris.

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