Making Puck: Shootouts not at the OK Corral

Of the four games last night, three ended in shootouts, and one was a blowout. Here is the recaps from the night that was:

Nathan Horton tries vainly to impress his cousin Tim. Horton scored with 10.2 seconds left to tie it at 1, and then scored the only Shootout Goal, as the Panthers top the Canadiens 2-1.

The Colorado Rockies can’t be held down. The Rockies were down 4-0 early in the second before scoring four goals in thirteen minutes (none by Sakic). Jose Theodore replaced Budaj in the second, making his “triumphant” return in goal. Colorado took the Shootout.

The Kings will crown your ass. The Kings took down the Wild in a shootout, ending the Wild’s dream of a perfect season. The Kings picked up their first win of the year in this hemisphere in the process.

Yeah. The Thrashers suck. The Flyers trampled Atlanta 4-0. Nothing I saw from any recap showed the Thrashers even bothered to show up wearing skates. It’s possible they were just running around on the ice. Which would account for the speed problem they’re having.



  1. Smokin’ too much?? “The Colorado Rockies can’t be held down.” I thought this was about hockey. euw-w-w-w…

  2. The Rockies? I guess they’ll be at Mile High next, resurrecting what’s left of the Broncos season.

  3. Are you saying that Jesus Christ can’t stop a slap shot?

  4. Sorry. I should reference my own personal running jokes for the newcomers. My bad. The link has been included now.

  5. Now I feel better. I become afraid that someone may be off their medicine when the references get a bit esoteric… Now I’ll just go back to reading and LMFAO

  6. I should just come around more often.

  7. On Wednesdays, three-letter acronyms drink free at MYFO.



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