Making Puck: Wednesday Western Conference Bias

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With three-fourths of the teams playing tonight coming from the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (don’t you hate when people insist on spelling out or saying something instead of using initials? Denny Green always saying “National Football League” instead of NFL drove me friggin’ batty), it has become clear that Gary Bettman doesn’t care about the Eastern Seaboard. Actually, does Gary Bettman care about any locale that the NHL calls home? Anyone? Anyway, on to the results from Wednesday night.

Making Puck: Today with color pictures!! Pretty!


Columbus used the Stars to navigate the seas – Dallas Stars use the Columbus Blue Jackets to…ummm….uhhh…. I couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with “navigate the seas”. Anyhoo, both teams started quickly, trading goals in the first three and a half minutes of the game with the Stars finally winning 3-2 in a shootout (yay – they’re fun!). The ageless Stu Barnes chipped in an assist for the Stars. Sadly, a Weed Against Speed favorite, Niklas “J.R. Ewing” Hagman, had no points for Dallas. Even sadder, hockey hotbed Columbus drew a whopping 11,820 diehard fans – the lowest regular season total in franchise history. You’re my team,  Blue!


New Jersey/Pittsburgh

Tim McCarver thinks that without referees things could get a little out of hand in an NHL game. Apparently, there was a wee bit of controversy in this game. I understand that MYFO contributor Dan Hopper will be submitting a vitriolic critique of the questionable officiating that took place in this game shortly on this very here blog. Stay tuned. Anyway, the Devils edged the Penguins 5-4. Penalites were the name of the game last night (there was a whopping 11 penalites in the second period alone). Crosby had one assist in the Pens losing effort. 


St. Louis/Chicago

It’s not all bad for the Blackhawks – Havlat’s only out for 4-6 weeks! Paul Kariya, Bryce Salvador and Keith Tkachuk each had a goal for St. Louis in a 3-1 victory over Chicago. The Blues improved to 4-1-0 while the Blackhawks fell to 3-3-0. That’s still .500, baby! This has to be the latest in a season the Blackhawks have been .500 in what – 10 years? Go Hawks! In all seriousness, I’m pulling for Chicago this season – the fans deserve it.




Disneyland totally kicks ass over Dollywood. Anaheim had two players score the first goals of their career (Petteri Wirtanen and Drew Miller), both in the third period to lead the Anaheim Ducks to a 3-1 victory over the Nashville Predators. Jean-Sebastien Giguere made 28 saves for Anaheim in the victory. Todd Bertuzzi was out with a concussion for the Ducks, so that’s good.


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  1. If there would have been an over/under of fewest fans ever at a Bluejackets game set at 11,800 I would have taken the way under. Hell I probably would still have taken the under if it was MOST fans ever at a Columbus game

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