You’ve Got (Incriminating) Mail!

The hot off-ice news in the NHL this week surrounds the Toronto Star’s revelation that former NHLPA Executive Director Ted Saskin was email buddies with NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and sometimes even the Big Dog himself, Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Daly, in a series of “confidential” emails, kept Saskin apprised of all the rumors he heard from various reporters about who in the NHLPA was out to get Saskin. Apparently, some players like Chris Chelios and Steve Larmer were somewhat concerned that their union’s head was a little too cozy with ownership. Like he had a secret online relationship, or something! The NHLPA launched the Saskingate probe after Ted was caught peeking at some players’ emails.

MYFO has learned that these “FYI” emails were only the tip of the relationship iceberg for Saskin and Daly.

Subj: About Last Night (Confidential and Personal)

Teddy Bear, you are such a bad, bad boy. Piddling on the rug! You know that makes Daddy want to spank you! And then I had to rub your nose in the poopy!

But if you are a good boy, tonight Daddy will take you for a walk.


Oh, my.
Bryant Gumbel once joked that Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue kept Gene Upshaw, head of that league’s union, on a leash. Unlike Bill and Ted, I’m pretty sure Gumbel was speaking metaphorically.

Alan Eagleson, then Ted Saskin. The NHLPA doesn’t exactly have an eye for stellar leadership. Tell you what, fellas. I know some Teamsters bosses who might be able to give you some “negotiating” tips in the next round of CBA talks. Drop me a line.

(And, I don’t want to reveal the source of the above email. But suffice it to say that when your entire organization uses Blackberrys, maybe you should let the guy who owns Blackberry buy a franchise, you know?)


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