Anyone who had Bob Hartley in the Hot Seat Sweepstakes, Time to Collect

The Atlanta Thrashers, losers of their first six, have fired Bob Hartley as their manager. Shockingly, going the first two weeks of a season without a win, when two teams that traveled to another hemisphere have wins, is cause for your head meeting the chopping block. True to form in being tasteless, we here at MYFO are setting up the NHL Head Coach Dead Pool. After the jump for your perusal are the current odds for the next head coach to get shitcanned.

Craig MacTavish (Edmonton Oilers) 7/1: The Oilers won their first two, but have dropped their last four and are on a 1-25 streak on the Power Play. MacTavish led the Oilers to the Cup Finals two years ago, but is that enough to save his job? The past is the past…and the present isn’t getting things done.

Marc Crawford (Los Angeles Kings) 10/1: He’s only in his second year, but Crawford has not produced the same magic in LA that he produced in Vancouver a couple years back. Due to the new team, and that ever-present London trip, he’s probably spared from the chopping block this year.

Wayne Gretzky (Phoenix Coyotes) 150/1: The Coyotes suck and are in the middle of a meltdown….but the guy owns the damned team. Good luck getting him out.

Barry Trotz (Nashville Predators) 3/1: This team is going nowhere, Trotz has been around since the inception of the franchise. If this guy isn’t on the chopping block, who is?





  1. 2/1 — Mike Keenan. Not because the Flames will suck (or…will they?) but only because one day he’ll forget to take his meds and snap Phaneuf’s neck for forgetting to take the man. Or bring him his double-double. I’m comfortable with either.

    Even Money — Paul Maurice. JFJ’s hunt for a scapegoat is well and truly underway, as evidenced by the MLSE minions hiding in the supply closet and leaping from window sills.

  2. 4/1 Guy Carbonneau. Patience is wearing verythin amongst the “faithful”.

    SLC Paul Maurice has been taken off the board. They have much less patience than even we do.

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