Making Puck: Saviors of Today and Tomorrow


Yeah. I know.

Your Savior Still Loves You. Sidney Crosby, whose urine was recently discovered to cure cancer, had two assists and scored the Shootout Winner as the Penguins topped the Hurricanes 4-3. The referees must have read Dan’s praise of their work the other day, as Sergei Gonchar got a hooking penalty 25 seconds into the game. Now is your chance to repent before Our Savior scores a Hat Trick on your soul.

Rick Nash Laughs at Your Goaltending. Nash got stuffed on the league’s first penalty shot, but scored just over a minute later, sending Columbus to a 3-0 victory over Buffalo.

I Have Exorcised the Demons! Bill Wirtz’s ghost gets evicted, for a night at least. The Blackhawks were up 3-0 on the Colorado Rockies before giving up 3 goals in 15 minutes to tie it up. However, Ruutuututuuutuuuu scored the game winner with a minute and a half left, and Lang chipped in an empty netter as the Blackhawks won 5-3. Patrick Kane scored his first NHL goal and added two assists to his total.

Roberto Luongo May Want November to Get Here Already. To say Luongo’s off to a slow start is to say we here at MYFO aren’t exactly choirboys. 17 goals in six games before tonight has now been boosted to 20 goals in seven games, as the Canucks fell to the Kings 4-2 (The last was an empty-netter). The Kings only had 16 shots on goal. Are the Canucks defenders this pisspoor, or has Luongo lost a step? Either way, my Fantasy Hockey team got assraped.



  1. Jesus would wear a “flying penguin” jersey.

  2. Skating Penguin > Flying Penguin.


  3. That Jonathan Towes goal was the most rediculous thing i’ve ever seen.

  4. TSW, that was a Flying Pigeon jersey until He exorcised the spirit of Howard Baldwin out of it.

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