Making Puck: Working for the Weekend

loverboy-tour1986canadaissu.jpgWouldn’t this just be easier if I made up recaps about the four teams who DIDN’T play on Saturday?

Bruins 1, Rangers 0 – Because of the Sox-Tribe ALCS game, this game was moved up 3 hours to accomodate. Unfortunately, no one told the equipment managers, who clearly left the sticks at 7pm. Phil Kessel scores in the third round of the shootout to get the win.

Blackhawks 6, Maple Leafs 4 – 5 straight teams have opted to use their back-up goalie against Toronto. Patrick Lalime looks terrible, but gets the win as the ‘Hawks scored 5 3rd period goals. Raskolnikov stole some vodka from the liquor store to celebrate.

Canadiens 4, Sabres 2 – Alexei Kovalev played in his 998th NHL game, although The Ordinary Seaman may contend that the folks in the Statistics Department use the term “played” very generously.

Senators 4, Panthers 1 – Proving the age-old adage once again: a pasty political diplomat can defeat a ferocious jungle cat in hand-to-hand combat. Ray Emery returns to the pipes in this one.

Islanders 4, Devils 3 – Sympathy for the Devils? I have none. If you really wanted to prevent a dagger goal with 3.7 seconds left in overtime, maybe you would have played Martin Brodeur. Face it, Gary Bettman. Can’t you just let them go home already?

Flyers 3, Hurricanes 2 – Simon Gagne scores twice, including once in overtime, to down Carolina. The Flyers have now won five straight, and are coming close to eclipsing their 06-07 win total. The ‘Canes have now lost three times in overtime. Tim McCarver-esque analysis: When you let the other team score in overtime, you’re not going to win many games.

Penguins 2, Capitals 1 – Ah, the marquee match-up of the NHL: Crosby vs. Ovechkin. WHAT. A. RIVALRY. These two go back and forth, everytime, and the- what’s that? Pittsburgh has won 8 of the last 9 against Washington? Oh. So much for that.

Lightning 6, Thrashers 2 – I think Atlanta needs to fire their coach. Everytime they do that, the win one game.

Stars 3, Ducks 1 – Mike Modano? Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty? At least Willa won’t have to clear space on the mantle for the Lady Byng this year.

Wild 3, Blues 1 – The Wild continues to get points in every game they play, thanks to strong netminding from Josh Harding, a key comeback goal from Belanger, and intimidation tactics of Mr. Boogaard. As a public service, here’s how to correctly pronoucnce Branko Radivojevic. (BRAHNK-o ra-di-VOI-zhe-vic) You’re welcome.

Red Wings 5, Coyotes 2 – Kirk Maltby scored two goals in the rout. It was the first time he scored since…is this correct?..1934.

Flames 4, Oilers 1 – The official Deadspin house band, the Dropkick Murphys, are’s Band of the Month. If only they could tell me where I could find funny pictues of Lindsay Lohan. (I clearly have nothing to say about this game.)

Sharks 3, Predators 0 – San Jose won this won by scoring more goals than the Predators, while at the same time giving up fewer.  Amazing.


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