Forsberg Wants to Get Injured for a Contender

I was skimming through the Swedish papers this morning and in between reports of moose attacks and Volvo sales reports I found this little tidbit involving old friend Peter Forsberg:

Örnsköldsvik – Wik Peter Forsberg’s career in ze NHL unkertin, de süper star and vinner of ze prestigous Olympic Gold Metål held a press conference to diskus his future. Belöw föllöws an exzerp in ze öriginal English:

“Thank you all for coming. I think we all know why we are here today. Last night, I was woken up from my slumber. I walked down stairs and who was there, but two men and a small dog. I assume that both of these men had come here to take up my challenge of defeating me in a one-on-one Greco-Roman wrestle to join their team. After handily defeating the men, the dog looks up at me and says “Aren’t you Peter Forsberg?” Well I just about shit my pants. And who is the world wide leader in talking dogs? Well it doesn’t take and NHL superstar to know that it is the Colorado Avalanche and Ottawa Senators. The dog then broke each of my ankles with a single bark. Being a man of my word, I will be joining either the Avs or Sens, whomever sent the small dog.”

Ze Avalanshe und Senadors kud not be reached for comment.


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  1. A møøse once bit my sister. Mynd you, møøse bites kan be pretty nastï

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