Making Puck: Coach Nostradamus


Bruins 3, Blackhawks 1 – Look, the Bruins did everything right tonight.  They put together a nice mix tape, put out some chips, made sure there was beer in the fridge, and still, no one showed up to their party.  Yes, it may be true that with the World Series and BC in action, not many eyes were turned towards the Bruins.  But they may have a secret attraction – a prophet for a head coach.  Said Claude Julien, “Once the Red Sox win the World Series, hopefully we will have enough wins behind us that those fans will want to come watch us.”  Can this man truly see the future, or is he just adept at reading the writing on the wall?

Rangers 2, Devils 0 – Look, Bettman.  All the Devils would like to do is play a home game.  Is that so hard to ask?  This is the ninth straight road game, and now guys named Nigel Dawes are scoring against them.  And by the looks of it, the Devils have decided to go on a goal strike.  New Jersey comes home Saturday to host Ottawa.

Blue Jackets 3, Blues 0 – Rick Nash scored a power play goal between his own legs in the second to pace Columbus to the shutout at home.  Now if the pick goes through the goalie’s legs, it’s called a 5-hole.  If it goes through one’s own legs, does that make it negative?  Math and I aren’t friends much anymore.

Maple Leafs 5, Penguins 2 – In the picture I used the other day, Mats Sundin showcased a “tattoo” that read “no more land mines.”  After Thursday’s game, Marc-Andre Fleury may want to ink “no more Tlusty.”  The rookie with the extra consonant scored the game-tying and winning goals in the third.

Lightning 5, Flyers 2 – You win this round, Reasonable Doubt.  You put a strong squad on the ice tonight, getting production from the usual suspects (Richards, Prospal, Ward).  But did you have to use Chris Gratton as your secret weapon, one of two men whose Flyers jerseys I won?  That’s just mean, man.  The Flyers continue their 8-game road trip on the wrong foot.

Predators 3, Thrashers 0 – The last Preds game I went to was back in 2002, and after the game, fans were invited to come down on the ice and try and shoot a puck from the red line through a small hole in the goal.  Winners get a coupon for a frozen Thanksgiving turkey.  After that season, the NHL went through a sweeping series of rule changes, and the red line went away.  And come Thanksgiving, everybody in Nashville starved.  Thanks, Bettman.

Oilers 5, Wild 4 – Ales!  Ales!  Who the fuck is Ales?  Hemsky scores twice and adds the shootout winner to  continue the Wild’s slide.

Coyotes 1, Ducks 0  Oh, D!  Oh, D!  Oh, D!  A defensive struggle continues Anaheim’s road woes. 

Kings 2, Stars 1 – When I used to play NHL 99, I’d often start a season with a fantasy draft.  At the time, Stars RW Jere Lehtinen was rated an 81, and for some reason, all the computer-run teams passed over him, round after round.  Players in the high 70’s flew off the board, and poor Lehtinen waited in the green room, Brady Quinn-style.  I’d eventually pick him, assuming that the game would give him cancer in the pre-season to teach me a lesson.  Lehtinen scored last night in L.A., but it wasn’t enough to beat the Kings. 

What was I talking about again?



  1. Please don’t come up with more creative ways to hurt Rick Nash’s plus/minus rating. In fact, I believe the great John Nash would have a better time playing defense even with all the voices in his head on the ice

  2. It’s not Bettman’s fault they haven’t played at home yet. But alas, that horrific roadtrip is over, and I’ll be there tomorrow.

    Oh, and way to show up last night, guys.

  3. If Julien really could see the future, I’m guessing he wouldn’t have made that little pit-stop in NJ.


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