Av’s Goalie Controversy Update

Theodore owns the Flames, Nobody else

Jose went out last night and played another great game against Calgary allowing only 3 2 goals with one saved by the whistle. Marek Svatos shoveled one in with four and change left to force OT and Ryan Smyth adding the game winner. This brings the mulleted one’s GAA versus the Flames to a very nice 1.18. That is all well and good until you look at the other two games he has played in against Chicago and St. Louis. Four goals apiece. My mastery of the maths tells me that his non Calgary GAA is 4.00. Perhaps the goalie race may not be as close as it appears.

Battle of the Biddies

The Jose-Paris Hilton relationship is long since busted and Jose has moved onto greener pastures and has since knocked up French hottie Stéphanie Cloutier on no fewer than two occasions. According to inside sources, however, Budaj is a different story. The day after his disastrous 4 goal in 18 minute start against Calgary and then watching his team win behind Theodore, the Slovak was on the prowl for a slumpbuster. Using Joe Fucking Sakic as his wingman, the downtrodden goalie scored a date with the clubhouse girl at the ritzy Cherry Hills Country Club, only to be denied the five hole while trying to score some afternoon delight.

The completely useless and arbitrary score stands at Budaj 57 – Jose 48


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