Making Puck: Goalie Controversy

Jose Theordore likes his job. Theodore had 39 saves as the `Lanche won 3-2 in Overtime. Ryan Smyth scored the winner 23 seconds into the extra period. Joe F’n Sakic added a goal to his season total.

The Red Wings aren’t going to take it anymore. The Wings lit up the Sharks for a 5-1 victory. Henrik Zetterberg popped in two goals in the third. He’s scored a point in every game this year.

Sabres play with the Panthers before killing them. The Sabres, down 2-1, scored three goals in the third period to come out on top. The Sabres losing streak stopped with Stafford’s game-winner.

The Habs like to play with an extra man. The Canadiens beat the Hurricanes 7-4. Five of those seven goals were on the Powerplay. It’s not nice to beat up on outnumbered children, Montreal fans.

Roberto Luongo hates politics, but loves the nightlife. Luongo has won ten straight against the Caps with last night’s 3-2 victory. Ovechkin tried desperately to score to level things up in the closing moments, but couldn’t get the puck past the veteran.


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  1. Ovie thought it would be a lot more productive to take half of his captain’s face off in the waning minutes of the game. Blood everywhere. Nice job, A.O.

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