Making Puck: Going Home Again

Dustin Penner is welcomed home. It’s always fun to have 17,000+ people boo you every time you do something. Penner experienced that but was undaunted as the Oilers beat the Ducks in a shootout after the game ended 2-2. After the game, Penner got his Stanley Cup ring, but he had to go to the Ducks locker room to get it.

 The Wild have a problem with their dicks. Their two top scorers on the shelf with groin injuries, the Wild were helpless to fend off the `Lanche, losing 3-1.

 Red Wings miss that President’s Cup thing.  The Red Wings have the league’s best record as they trumped the Canucks 3-2. Luongo falls victim to the Reasonable Doubt Fantasy Curse, which has struck football players and college teams already this fall. So, my apologies to Roberto Luongo.



  1. What the fuck is with all these 2pm games?

  2. Usually, if you have a groin injury, you ain’t “scoring”…I’m just saying…

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