Making Puck: Special Cherry Popping Edition


Although there weren’t many games in the NHL last night, it was a very special night for several players who lost their scoring virginity. Was it everything they dreamed? Or did it all happen too fast to really appreciate?  Let’s find out.

First up was Paul Mara, who got his first assist of the season for the Rangers in their 3-1 win over the Lightning. Popping your assist cherry is sort of like copping your first feel, I guess, but Mara still bragged to all the guys afterward. Jaromir Jagr also scored for the Rangers.

Devin Setoguchi then doubled his pleasure, pounding home his first two goals of the season for the Sharks as they beat the Stars 4-2. Teammates were wowed as Setoguchi popped his two shots just 2:34 apart, a truly impressive recovery time.  Ah, to be 20 again! After this display, no one wanted to hear from Matt Niskanen about his first goal of the season, especially since it came in a losing effort.

Finally, it was a veritable virgin orgy in Toronto, as five Capitals scored for the first time.  Brian Sutherby, Matt Pettinger, Boyd Gordon, Matt Bradley and Jeff Schultz celebrated their gang-bang of Vesa Toskala and Andrew Raycroft in style, as the Capitals went on to win 7-1. Alex Ovechkin helped out with two goals of his own, one off of each of those two bitches.



  1. Proposed name changes for the Toronto Maple Leafs:

    Rented Mule
    Redheaded step-child
    Michael Vick Puppies

  2. Can’t we start by making Canada write properly in English:

    It should be the Toronto Maple Leaves

  3. MEMO: Toronto Maple Leafs

    When re-enacting the curb-stomping scene from American History X , is is OK for you to play the role of Edward Norton instead of the black guys every once in a while.

    Yours Truly,

    Loser Domi

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    Making Puck: Special Cherry Popping Edition | Melt Your Face-Off

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