Making Puck: Daylight Savings Edition


While MYFO was changing its clocks, Sunday’s Making Puck disappeared. Yeah, that’s the ticket! At any rate, there were a lot of games Saturday night. Winners and losers. A complete recap seems like a bit of a waste at this point, so on to Sunday’s action!

Pascal LeClaire is amazing. He earned his fifth shutout of the season in just nine starts (two of which are now over the Blues) as the BJs hit the money shot against St. Louis. Columbus trails only the Red Wings in the West. Yes, you read that correctly.

The Predators are on fire. Nashville scored three goals in the first period and didn’t look back, pumbleing the Blackhawks into submission. Five different Predators scored. The win was the third in a row for Nashville.

So are the Senators. It took a shootout, but the Sens edged Boston 2-1. Chuck Kobasew was a one-man gang for the Bruins, now having scored all of the team’s goals in the last two games. Guys, a little help? The Senators are now 12-1.




  1. I think Nashville needs to be more specific…what do they mean by predator? Sure, their logo suggests some sort of deceased sabre-toothed cat, but if that’s the case then say that! For all I know, they could Sexual Predators, and that’s not cool.

  2. Hi, I’m Chris Hanson with Dateline, could you have a seat please?

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