Making Puck: Free Falling


Glen Hanlon wants to know if it’s hot in here.  Or is it just him?  The Capitals continued their death spiral, falling to the Thrashers in OT.  The Thrashers played half the game without Ilya Kovalchuk, who left with a mysterious injury. Don Waddell, the Thrashers’ GM-coach, has the team playing at a 6-3 clip under his watch.  I hope Hanlon was taking notes, as the Caps have lost 10 of 12.

Al Arbour? We don’t need no stinkin Al Arbour. The Islanders scored three in the third period to beat the Rangers. After beating the Pens on Saturday to “earn” legendary coach Al Arbour the win in his one-game return to the bench, Miro Satan and the Isles one won for Ted Nolan.

Resistance is futile. And, in the case of the Leafs last night, not forthcoming.  The Senators cruised to a 5-1 win, improving their record to 13-1.  Those 26 points are a new NHL record after 14 games.  Five Sens scored, and Martin “Locutus” Gerber turned aside nearly all of the Leafs’ weak efforts.



  1. Well the Borg did have that hot chick in Star Trek First Contact so I, for one, welcome our new Senator Overlords.

  2. Great great Islander game last night. If they asked me for more money on the way out, I would have probably given it to them. One question, when do Gomez and Jagr start playing for the Rangers? Neither showed up last night.

  3. The record would have been more impressive had it been set against a big league team. Wake me when Toronto gets one, won’t you? Thanks.

    We promise assimilaton will be painless, if a little ticklish.

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