Making Puck: WTF edition?

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, MYFO’ers. The Sabres went down in flames…the Thrashers are on a winning streak….and Jose Theodore blew a game. Well….maybe some things aren’t so strange.

Buffalo doesn’t play the same way twice. Mats Sundin led the charge as Toronto blanked the Sabres 3-0. Toronto fans were holding their breath the entire time. Last time the played Buffalo, they gave up a two goal lead late. This time, they held on, with Devereaux pocketing an empty netter with only a couple seconds left.

The Thrashers remembered they were professionals. Kovalchuk and Hossa each chipped in a goal with the man advantage as the Thrashers won their….third straight? That can’t be right.

Listen here, Puck Face…. Dan Cleary took a puck off his eye socket and slotted two past Pascal LeClaire. Pretty full night, if you ask me. He now wears a visor on his helmet. This comes from our “Too Little, Too Late” department. The Red Wings came out on top 4-1.

Patrick Kane is Able (Sorry). Kane led the Hawks with an early goal as they took down the Blues 4-2. Two of the Hawks goals game on the Powerplay, and one shorthanded. If they can only figure out how to score when things are even, they’ll be in good shape.

Brothers don’t shake hands…..brothers gotta hug! Henrik Sedin was trying to pass to his brother Daniel, but the puck ricocheted off Sauer’s skate and past Jose Theodore. WHOOPS! Overtime Goal sends the Canucks to a 2-1 victory.

Ducks Devour Sharks. Yeah, fuck you Discovery Channel. Joe Thornton’s powerplay goal couldn’t get it done as the Ducks tied it up late, and then clinched it in the shootout.



  1. I know Miller didn’t play real well last night, but to call him an empty net on Devereaux’s goal is just mean.

  2. It’s also mean to misspell Owen Hart, but we’ll let bygones be bygones.

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