Gary Bettman Will Host Show On XM Satellite Radio: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Gary Bettman

In what most would agree is a rather bold move, it has been announced that Gary Bettman will serve as co-host on a weekly show on XM Satellite Radio’s NHL Home Ice station (XM Channel 204) beginning November 27th. The show is  called “NHL Hour” and will be co-hosted by Bill Clement, because, well frankly, he has the spare time. According to the Commish himself:

“The NHL has the best fans in sports.  Thanks to XM Satellite Radio, we are able to offer this unique outlet for answering their questions. I look forward to hearing from our fans directly and being a part of this one-of-a-kind radio show.” 

Be careful what you wish for, dear leader – you may just end up getting it. What follows is how I envision the question and answer session with NHL fans will go:

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Making Puck: Avoiding the NFL Juggernaut Edition

Put-up without expressed written consent of the National Football League…suck it!

In a rare display of sensibility, the NHL chose to only schedule two games against a “big” NFL Sunday (Emmit Smith said so – at least I think that’s what I was able to understand from the indecipherable jumble of sounds coming out of his pie hole). By only scheduling two games, it gave ESPN even less to ignore and I believe that’s a good thing. Kudos, NHL, here’s a cookie. On to the results:

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