Hull Steps Into the Crease Again in Dallas

You decide

The Dallas Stars fired GM Doug Armstrong on Tuesday, after the team had skated to a 7-7 record. Armstrong, the Stars’ GM since 2002, was replaced by…Brett Hull? It’s true, at least on an interim basis. He also has a co-interim-GM named Les something.

Hullie brings lots of ideas to the table to restore the Stars to their Cup-stealing winning ways. His First Five Days agenda:

Day One: Send large fruit basket to all NHL referees and goal judges, signed “From Your Secret Admirer.”

Day Two: Send thank-you note to NBC for freeing him up to take this job.

Day Three: Golf.

Day Four: Pal around with Modano and Zubov, and talk about those crazy ’98 Olympics.

Day Five: Do what I do best–screw Buffalo. Those Vanek and Miller kids look pretty good. Orchestrate trade for Turco and Stu Barnes.



  1. Clearly this is a step in the right direction for this proud franchise.

    /sarcastic sam

  2. Whoa — someone still has some unresolved Buffalo love issues

  3. Actually, the Sabres would really love Stu Barnes back.

  4. long overdue… the franchise has not been the same since Gainey left… Armstrong has done little in his tenure, and most of it has been disfunctional… from trading Langenbruner/Neiwendyke, to banking on aging skaters at the expense of Draft Picks. Look how he managed the removal of Modono as captain… not what is done, but HOW…

    I have few hopes for the Stars.. they are progressively older with little in the “youth pipeline”… Tippet is on thin ice, and Marty Turco will become a blowtorch

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