Screw you, Leukemia Boy


Yeah, Blake. I’m talking to you. “Rare but treatable form of cancer”, my ass. You think just because you’ve gotta do some chemo, you get a free pass from the wrath? I fucked an Olsen twin, mother fucker! How many people can say they banged the chick from 24 and the chick from Weeds in the span of a couple months? One. That’s how many.

You and your monkey friend can talk all the shit they want. No straight man can be named Darcy. Just remember: God hates fags….and the French. And Canadians. Next time I go to Canuckistan, I’m going to personally drop by Toronto and shit in your hat. You and Chris Neil.

You know how you get leukemia at your age? From getting fucked in the ass. That’s how. If you need me, I’ll be showing Mary Kate’s sister how a man with TWO balls can fuck.



  1. Perhaps the most disturbing post I have ever read on here- kudos!

  2. Any one ever tell you you’re psychotic and going straight to hell?

  3. See, I thought you would have said to turn off the radio.

    /cowboy mouth

  4. I’m rooting for Sean Avery to meet the business end of a Mack Truck…uhhh….I mean, he’s impolite and I dislike him.

  5. dude, you really bang an olson twin?

  6. Wow.

    +1, RD.

  7. I might be going to hell just for reading this and crying from laughter. RD I don’t know what that means for you.

    +1 doesn’t even begin to describe how great this was.

  8. Big Daddy Drew would be proud. As am I.

  9. Cancer is always funny. I think I read that somewhere…

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