Making Puck: Easy Like Sunday Morning

No art, just the scores. Sunday is a day of rest, after all.

Finally.  In his third try, Martin Bordeur gets his 500th career win.  The Flyers were the victim.  Next up: Patrick Roy’s record of 551 wins. Brodeur has never been as flamboyant as St. Patrick, but he has been every bit as good.

Finally (on a lesser scale). The Blues earned their first post-lockout win in Nashville, edging the Predators in a shootout. Brad Boyes had the only score in the shootout, as well as one in regulation. Thank you, Boston! You still have a long way to go to make up for the 1970 Cup Finals and The Bobby Orr Goal, though.

Snoozer out West. The Coyotes and Kings wasted away your Saturday afternoon with a 1-0 game. I think Phoenix won.

Topsy Turvy. When last I checked (two days ago), the Leafs had porous goaltending and the Sens were unstoppable. So naturally, the Leafs get the 3-0 shutout win. Huh.

Now That’s Entertainment. Boston and Montreal put on a show, with the Canadiens coming out on top 7-4. W whole bunch of guys scored, and apparently there was some bad blood spilling over from their last meeting, as the coaches also barked at each other from the benches. Also, Montreal may be on to something with this Carey Price kid.

Your moment of Zen. If Carolina and Florida play, and I don’t tell you the score, do you really care who won? I will avidly track to see how many times this link is clicked. I put the over/under at 1.

The Wings are not invincible. In fact, they lost twice this week, sparking a little bit of hope for the rest of the West. Chicago took them to task last night with a 5-3 win. Patrick Sharp and Rene Bourque had two goals apiece.

Defense. The Rangers had four defensemen score, while the Penguins apparently forgot how to play it. Two D-men broke in on Mark-Andre Fleury to score the game winner in OT for the Rangers.

Battle of Alberta. Calgary wins this round, in a game that was slow to get started but turned into quite the nail-biter. A string of second-period penalties doomed the Oilers.

I wish more guys would sort of retire. No Niedermayer, no Selanne, no problem. The Ducks continue to look good, beating the Sharks in a shootout. When those two return, the Ducks look good to make at least a decent run toward repeating.



  1. Entertainment doesn’t begin to describe the Habs game. “bad blood” doesn’t begin to describe it either. Kirk Muller went bat-shit crazy at a ref and Chara is just bat-shit crazy

    Leafs shut out Sens. W? T? F?

    In the long run, Brodeur may even be considered the better goalie than St. Patrick [ducks lightning bolt]

  2. Patrick Sharp had 3 goals for the Hawks last night. Natural hat trick in the third, last one was an empty netter, first one was a shortie.

  3. You’re not Jewish.

  4. Well, I am circumcised. That’s got to count for something.

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