Making Puck: “About Damn Time” edition

Today’s Making Puck is dedicated to the things that should have happened long ago, but for whatever reason, didn’t. Join me after the jump to make up for lost time, and stay tuned for later today, when MYFO Undercover pulls off another coup.

Finally, we beat them–wait, what? SHIT! The Sabres were on their way to beating the Blues for the first time since 1842, when Brad Boyes slotted a game-winner with less than a minute left. Poor Sabres. At least they still have Emo-Trained Daniel Brie–oh….sorry.

Finally, we beat them–wait, what? WE DID! The Islanders knocked off the defending East champs in a shootout as Mike Sillinger hit home the winner in the shootout. The Sens aren’t having a good month. The Isles won against the Sens for the first time since 2004.

Finally, this new coach may start to work out. The Devils are starting to gel under Sutter as they nipped the Stars 4-2. Zach Parise, who I am told has a Shortie, hit an empty-netter for the cherry-topper.

Finally–we’re still playing?? The Panthers and Caps went through…wait for it….11 rounds of a shootout before Olaf Kolzig died of old age in the net, allowing Weiss to score the winner.

Finally, we’re winning again. That stretch kind of sucked. The Wild are back to their winning ways, blitzing the Coyotes 3-1 behind Vrbata’s team-leading ninth goal. I guess the goal was a bit controversial, as to whether or not Vrbata scored with a high-stick, but the refs ruled it was fine. Weed Against Speed breathed a sigh of relief…and half of Minnesota got a contact high.

Finally, we can start playing other teams. The Kings played the Sharks for the third time this month, beating them in a shootout. The weird pitfalls of this new “balanced” schedule is that you end up playing division rivals a couple times a month, sometimes back-to-back. It’s weird, but not altogether unwelcome.

There was no hockey game played between the Lightning and Blackhawks. Nope. They didn’t play. Delayed due to…coldness. Yeah, that’s the ticket.



  1. Thank you for not including the Hurricanes Flyers game.

  2. thanks for including the 2-goal return of marty havlat. right. nothing at all happened at the UC last night. Kane didn’t have 3 assists and Patrick Sharp didn’t score his 12th of the season. Khabibulin didn’t beat Tampa for the first time since leaving them with a ring.

  3. Yes he does, and he can pop my cher-…i mean have a cherry topp-..i mean, score the empty net goal anytime he wants!

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