You think it is over….but it has just begun.

MYFO Undercover has done it again. Last night, I was given a tape from our triple-secret undercover deep throat performer informant. The tape was of the meetings during the Lightning’s sale talks. After the jump, see how the sale faltered, then died, all because of a producer’s word.

Hello Mr. MacLean. Welcome to your rebirth. For years you have stood by and witnessed as your hockey teams have fallen. You have remained untouched, while the Florida Panthers and Columbus Blue Jackets have all but disappeared. But with your survival, became your obsession. Obsession to stop those around you for making the right choices. Thus, preventing you from ever leading a team to glory. You wanted to save no one but yourself. TONIGHT, I give you the oppurtunity to face your obsession. Look closely. The Tampa Bay Lightning are still alive. The block of ice they stand upon, is solid. The arena, is filled. The fans, are happy. You have until December 31st to buy this team and ruin it for the next 20 years. This team’s fate is linked to the sale to your group. Heed my warning, Doug. Their lives hang in the balance of your obsession. Will you learn how to let go and truly save them? The choice is yours.

…..wait, the money man can’t come up with 4 mil to put down as a deposit? Fuck this noise. I’m going for a cigarette.

….GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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