Making Puck: Fuck You Edition

Well, this weekend sucked. So much, in fact, Making Puck today will be dedicated to simply saying “Fuck You” to everyone today.

Fuck You, Ilya Kovalchuk. Martin Brodeur robbed Kovalchuk in a shootout to redeem himself after getting a puck blasted past him on a third period goal.

Fuck you, Roberto Luongo. You can’t make two more fucking saves? What, does your offense have to do everything? You have been shit all year, as my fantasy team can attest to. Luongo allowed in two goals in a 2-1 loss to the Wild in a game that features 66 minutes of penalties in a 60 minute game. The bad blood over Miko Koivu’s injury spilled early, with Cowan and Voros dropping the gloves just three seconds into the game.

Fuck you, Jiggy. Jean-Sebastien Giguere let in one out of every five shots he faced, getting assraped by former Duck Dustin Penner to boot. The 4-0 win was goalie Mathieu Garon’s second shutout of the season.




  1. Fuck me, Christina Aguilera!

  2. Well you are fucked with Luongo as my Backstrom is leading my up the charts!

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