Stanley Cups Are for Jerks


Mats Sundin is a terrific hockey player, and has been for a long time. He is also a particular kind of very attractive hockey player: a veteran who retains considerable skill, on a one-year deal (and a fairly cap-friendly one, at that). The kind of player who just screams “trade bait.” Media reports out of Canuckistan had Sundin being wooed by fellow Swedes Nicklas Lidstrom and Tomas Holmstrom to engineer a trade to Detroit, where he could cap off his stellar career with a Stanley Cup run.

Sundin says no thanks. “Let those stupid lingenberries win their Cups; I just want to be a Leaf forever and ever,” Sundin said. Or something to that effect. Sundin’s reaction can be viewed in one of two ways.

1) The Leafs fan response: What a classy guy! Mats is the man! Besides, who says the Leafs won’t make a run at the Cup? Those other guys should be wanting to come here so we can win it all! We’re riding Andrew Raycroft all the way to the promised land, you heard it here first. Man, won’t it be sweet to see the Leafs win the Cup! It’ll be just like grandpa told me about!

2) The rest of the universe: Mats, buddy. Why don’t you give Ray Bourque a call? Ask him if he regrets, for even the tiniest fraction of a second, lifting that Cup over his head in Colorado instead of retiring as a Bruin-for-life. The Leafs aren’t going to win anything, unless Paul Maurice takes you all on a team bonding outing to Chuck E. Cheese.

As a Blues fan, I hate the Red Wings with more intensity than anything hockey-related on this Earth, with the possible exception of Mike Keenan (Gary Bettman is a closet Red Wings fan, I just know it). And I still think Sundin would be an idiot not to jump at the chance to go to Detroit. Lidstrom. Zetterberg. Datsyuk. Holmstrom. Hasek. Chelios. Rafalski. Nobody in the West is even close. For his sake, I hope he’s just being nice in case nothing comes to fruition.


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  1. Sundin to Detroit for Chris Osgood. Fits the pattern.

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