Making Puck: Yesteryear Edition

old-books.jpgIt was July 2007 when…the Dow Jones climbed over 14k for the first time…smoking  fags in public is banned in England…Melt Your Face-Off debuted…and LeNoceur introduced us to Lee Stempniak.  Ok, it was clearly off-season filler time when we first reported about Stempniak and his arbitration avoidance, a guy none of us had ever heard of.  But it appears that it has paid off, as his 1st period goal was the lone bright spot in a 3-1 loss to Calgary.  Ok, I admit, it’s dumb to reference a middling event as important history when it’s more recent than history, but if Dan Shanoff can make a living off of proclaiming instant classic, I should by all means get a bye on this one.

It was December 2003 when…the orca from Free Willy croaked…George Clinton gets busted for pot (again)…Michigan State and Kentucky played hoops at Ford Field…defenseman Wade Belak last scored a goal.  Well, it’s about damn time, Wade.  Look, I know that you’re a sparingly-used defenseman/enforcer rogue hybrid, and you’ve been busy bouncing around the league for awhile, but is it that hard to score goals?  Your goal helped propel Toronto to a 3-1 win over Nashville last night.  Hell, I remember back when you were an AHL pugilist, fighting the likes of Frank “The Animal” Bialowas.  Keep up the good work, El Wade.

It was March 1996 when…the Menendez brothers got the book thrown at them…Kasparov smokes Deep Blue in dork chess…Nash Bridges debuts and revolutionizes television everywhere?…oh, and the Ottawa Senators lost 7 straight.  Well, they’ve finally done it again, earning their seventh straight defeat at the hands of the feisty Tampa Bay Lightning.  Tampa jumped out to an early lead on goals from Darche and Chris Gratton (I still hate you), but two Sens’ goals in the final two minutes tied it at 3.  Overtime was boring (as usual), and Vinny “ONLY My Mother Can Call Me Vaclav” Prospal got the shootout gamewinner. 

It was February 1984 when…the Marines pulled out of Beirut…The Police played their final concert together for decades…Amadeus won best picture…and Chris Chelios began his career with the Montreal Canadiens.  Chelios returned home last night to Montreal, alongside a balanced Detroit attack as the Red Wings prevailed 4-1.  To honor Chelios’ likely final game in the city where it all started, Pavel Datsyuk scored two goals, one of which went through the legs of both a defenseman and goalie Carey Price – the rarely-seen 10-hole shot. 

Oh, did I mention that Hextall454 was 4 years old when Chris Chelios started with the Habs?  That’s insane.



  1. “…the rarely-seen 10-hole shot.”

    I’m pretty sure there are a few clubs in Montreal where you can actually see that on a nightly basis.

  2. DHS +1. And it’s true! the FHF can confirm that fact.

    I can’t believe Dan Shanoff actually makes a living without his tWWL paycheck, but Hextall you get your pass anyway.

  3. Beeler is playing more forward than D these days.

  4. None of you ever heard of Stempniak??

    I did. Went to high school with him, lived 3 minutes away from me.

    How bout them apples?

    (I get very proud when I tell that to people, by the way. I can actually say I know an NHL’er.)

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